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Training Course - Conference 2018

Hands on thermoforming workshop

Thin and Heavy Gauge

Wednesday 14 March 2018  10.00h-18.00h - Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, Italy

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about fundamentals of thermoforming.
This workshop will not only give you more understanding on fundamentals of thermoforming but it enables you to learn about all different thin and heavy gauge thermoforming technologies and you will be able to discuss details directly with SPE thermoforming experts.

Instructors: Mark Strachan & Marc Ommeslagh

Mark Strachan (Thin Gauge Session)

Mark Strachan’s career in the Packaging Industry started in 1982 while serving his apprenticeship as an Electronics Engineer for Metal Box South Africa and soon after started his own plastics blister manufacturing business (PacMark, CC.) which later included the production of plastic cups for the airline catering business. He held Engineering and Production Management positions at large plastics packaging manufacturing firms in Europe with the intention to gain valuable hands on experience in both the thermoforming and extrusion processes. He later moved to the USA where he worked with numerous thermoforming and extrusion machinery OEMS such as Commodore Machine Company, Berlyn Extruders and Sencorp Systems, in the capacity of Thermoforming and Extrusion Product Specialist.  Mark was responsible for new developments, commissioning and training of their customers around the world. During the past 32 years, Mark has gained valuable experience in the Plastics Thermoforming and Extrusion Industry Mark has been presenting the thin gauge thermoforming workshop at the SPE Thermoforming Conference since 2008.

Marc Ommeslagh: (Heavy Gauge Session)

1977: I investigated the use of ultrasonic equipment to do quality control on thick plastic plates and tubes to see if there were no air bubbles in the finished products.
1979 – 1981: Picanol, Belgium to investigate the use of composite materials in the mechanical system of looms.
1981 – 1983: I created with two other partners a small production unit for pultruded profiles with glass and carbon fibres. We purchased and installed the first pultrusion machine in Belgium. We sold the business because we were too early with this technology and could not carry the costs.
1983 – 1986: I worked at Phillips in the electronic components production. They had their own injection moulding activity.
1987 – 1993: Plant Manager of a Swedish company in Belgium, Trelleborg Plastics, with 6 injection moulding machines. The tonnage was 1200T to 1800T machines. The company was specialised in the injection of plastic TV cabinets and back covers. They did also did painting of these plastic parts. The company was main supplier for Phillips Brugge, Dreux in France and some parts for Phillips Singapore. We also did business with Honda for all spare part bumpers for Europe, Honda Accord and Civic.
1993 -  March 2017: Plant Manager at Ducaplast France. We started with the injection moulding of bottle crates. Customers were all big international breweries. In 1996 Ducaplast was sold to DS Smith UK. They decided to stop the injection moulding and move it to Eastern Europe and install twin-sheet activity in France. I’m a big believer in the twin-sheet technology but it is still after all those years not well known in the industry.
Today: I do some consulting work to share my professional experience with other people.


10h: Heavy Gauge

General Part

  • Basics of Plastics
  • Extrusion Technology

Thermoforming principles

  • Vacuum forming
  • High Pressure forming
  • Twin sheet forming 

13h-14h: Lunch

14h: Thin Gauge

  • Feeding and Heating the sheet
  • Forming the Part
  • Fundamentals of Thin Gauge thermoforming
  • Overview of Trimming and Stacking
  • Importance of Design 
  • Presentation and discussion of Cases
  • Workshop  

Registration fee: € 275,-