Training Course - Conference 2016

Hands on thermoforming workshop


9 March 2016 –10.00h-18.00h • Melia Hotel, Sitges (Barcelona)

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about fundamentals of thermoforming.
This workshop will not only give you more understanding on fundamentals of thermoforming but it enables you to learn about all different Thin and Heavy Gauge Thermoforming technologies and you will be able to discuss details directly with SPE thermoforming experts.

Instructors: Peter Lichtherte and Mark Strachan

Peter Lichtherte

University degree from K.I.H.O. in Gent and Aalst Industrial Engineer with an Electro-Mechanical degree.

Member on the board of the SPE European Thermoforming Division.

At Siemens (Belgium) he started as Product Development Engineer in the division developing electro-mechanical components. Siemens Oostkamp is producing connectors for several electronic applications (automotive, military, automation, main frames,...). In 1991, he was hired by Vitalo Belgium as Project Manager, to start up a thermoforming unit for food packaging made out of OPS (Bi-axial oriented polystyrene).

As Technical Director of the Vitalo Plastics Group, he has managed several new investment programmes and acquisitions such as acquiring a PU department, an industrial modeling activity, a thermoforming plant SEA and the implementation of new technologies such as Twin sheet forming and Compression Moulding.
Starting March 1997, he’s running his own independent consulting office, TC&M - Technical
Consulting & Management focusing on international market development, supply chain performance improvement and training.

Today he’s active as COO ad interim at Vitalo Industries & Acoustics.
Through his consulting activity, he had the chanc working for several OEM ́s within different industries.

Mark Strachan

Mark Strachan’s career in the Packaging Industry started in1982 while serving his apprenticeship as an Electronics Engineer for Metal Box South Africa and soon after started his own plastics blister manufacturing business (PacMark, CC.) which later included the production of plastic cups for the airline catering business.

He held Engineering and Production Management positions at large plastics packaging manufacturing firms in Europe with the intention to gain valuable hands on experience in both the thermoforming and extrusion processes.

He later moved to the USA where he worked with numerous thermoforming and extrusion machinery OEMS such as Commodore Machine Company, Berlyn Extruders and Sencorp Systems, in the capacity of Thermoforming and Extrusion Product Specialist. Mark was responsible for new developments, commissioning and training of their customers around the world.

During the past 32 years, Mark has gained valuable experience in the Plastics Thermoforming and Extrusion Industry.

Mark has been presenting the thin gauge thermoforming workshop at the SPE Thermoforming Conference since 2008.


Morning: Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

  • General part
  • Basics of Plastics Extrusion technology
  • Thermoforming principles
  • Vacuum forming
  • High Pressure forming
  • Twin sheet forming

13h-14h Lunch

Afternoon: Thin Gauge Thermoforming

  • Feeding and Heating the sheet
  • Forming the Part
  • Fundamentals of TG Thermoforming - Overview of Trimming and Stacking
  • Importance of Design
  • Presentation and discussion of Cases
  • Workshop