2014-04-03 (Thursday)
5th European Thermoforming PARTS Competition 2014

On the occasion of the next conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers – EuropeanThermoforming Division from 3– 4 April 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic, thermoformers are invited

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2014-04-02 (Wednesday)

08:30 - 17:00

Peter Lichtherte and other SPE thermoforming experts

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about fundamentals of thermoforming in theory but as well on Thermoforming machines at GN Thermoforming Technical Center...

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2012-04-25 (Wednesday)
"Fundamentals of Thermoforming" training course

Peter Lichtherte, Technical Consulting & Management NH Laguna Palace Hotel,Venice (Mestre), Italy...

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9th European “Thermoforming” Conference

Forming a Sustainable Future’

tl_files/content/pics/pics conference 2014/ETC-2014-horiz.jpg
3 – 4 April 2014 – Prague, Czech Republic

The European Thermoforming Division of the SPE has commenced its preparation for the 9th Thermoforming Conference which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The 4 main Topics of the conference will be: Sustainability, Lightweight, Innovation and Competiveness

Further evidence of the ETD board listening to its peers was the inclusion of a parallel commercial presentation session for sponsors of the event, which proved highly successful. This programme allows each Sponsor an open forum to present their new developments to a very relevant audience for duration of 15 minutes. This opportunity compliments their marketing strategy at the event adding yet more value to the package.

It is important for us, you and the thermoforming industry as a whole, to benefit from this event and to do so, we need to ‘tailor’ it in the most efficient and economical fashion. You can help us do that by indicating the likelihood of your sponsorship involvement on the attached slip and returning it to us as soon as possible. We stress that this response would be recognised as an indicator only and without any firm commitment at this stage.tl_files/content/pics/pics conference 2014/Prague-river.jpg

The main technical lecture programme is under development and promises to be the best ever with a number of eminent speakers already agreeing to participate.

We very much appreciated your cooperation in this matter and look forward to your constructive and full involvement in 2014.

Marek Nikiforov - Conference Chair

Newsletter Summer 2014

Welcome to the summer edition of our Newsletter 2014

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Newsletter Spring 2014

Welcome to the spring edition of our Newsletter 2014

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ETD Conference 2014 Folder

info about the "PARTS competition" and the Sponsors-TTdisplay form are available for download now.
Please don`t forget to check out the updated conference pages, too.

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Newsletter Summer 2012

Welcome to the summer edition of our Newsletter 2012

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8th European thermoforming Conference 2012

“Overall, an excellent conference”

Press Release May 2012

The European Thermoforming industry’s main even of the year, the 8th European Thermoforming Conference, was recently held in Venice and the two days of expert presentations and workshops managed to attract many of the industry’s experts to attend

The biennial conferences are proving to be the most important platform for leading business decision makers, suppliers and technologists to meet, network and to discuss the latest developments within the thermoforming industry. It is agreed that they are fast becoming the major international forums for technological advancement within our sector.
The unique and beautiful City of Venice provided an outstanding venue for the event, which attracted nearly 200 attendees.

A combination of excellent technical presentations, discussion workshops and an exhibition of associated technologies which ran in parallel, all contributed to ensure the event was relevant and informative to the international participants.

This year’s subjects presented by industry experts were again comprehensive and all-encompassing, covering advancements in terms of the materials and processes technology.  

The discussion workshops focussed on the subjects of “Transformation within Plastics Packaging”, “Handle the Output of Thin Wall Production” and “Mechanical Fixation / New Bonding Techniques in Thick Gauge Applications”.

The Thermoforming Parts Competition attracted a diverse range of entries which offered the visitors a unique insight of how innovative product design combined with modern materials and processes can produce inspirational structural, cosmetic and highly functional parts. There were several examples of how thermoformed parts can support demands in completely new market sectors.